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Jiatian was assessed as key support enterprise by Fenggang town govermment Company news   2010-8-30

Fenggang town grovemment established "Fenggang support important enterprises service (interim) work plan"in order to strength the support to key enterprises and speed up upgrade and transformation.The plan determinated the member of govermment leaders give separately support to 36 key enterprises of Fenggang town,the way of support is one to one

Jiatian felt honored for be assessed key support enterprises.Fenggang town govermment leaders togerther with the leaders of Jiatian planted one tree named Ħ°one heart treeĦħat the factory gate on August 24th,the tree symbolizes friendship and solidarity and express the best wish

Jiatian will have more communication with town government,sloving the barriers as early as possoble meet in the develop process.Try our best to creat good result,make new contribution for economic growth of Fenggang town

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