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Shenzhen Happy vally one day trip Company news   2010-12-8

In order to appreciate the workers of Jiatian,the leaders of Jiatian organize the workers to Happy vally to have an one day trip Shenzhen Happy vally is the first batch of 5A-class tourist attraction in China.It set participatory, appreciation, entertainment, enjoyment integrated and it's a china morden theme park with largest investment and most advanced facilities¡£When we heared the news we would go to there to hava a trip ,all of us were very happy

There are so many exciting activities and how to play well.In order to let workers play well and save time,we prepared food ourselves.We set out from our company at 8:00 on time

After we arrived at Happy vally we divide ourselves into many teams,and start our trip

Picture one:Arrived at Happy vally,everyone waitted the ticket at the front gate

Picture two:prefect storm

Picture three:as the rush comes

Picture four:four demension cinema

Picture five:tunner war live performance

Picture six:merry-go-round

Picture seven:UFO

Picture eight:night performance

After the performance,most were thrilled with the experience,but it was late,we had to go back

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